About Us

Welcome to Shop Pockets!

Tool belts hurt my lower back, suspenders cut into my shoulder blades, and covered my shirt pockets. Other vests I tried were hot, absorbed sweat and had few options, if any, to carry my tool pouches.

After being in the trades for over 25 years, I decided there had to be a better way. In 2003, I started Shop Pockets.

Shop Pockets UTV distributes weight evenly across the shoulders and chest area, instead of all the weight sitting on the hip and lower back area when wearing a tool belt or harness. Our newly redesigned utility tool vest (US Patent Pending) is no MORE comfortable, just as durable, and offers greater freedom of motion when twisting, bending, or kneeling.


The vest is a superior alternative to the traditional tool belt/suspender system. With our patented adapter accessory you can attach our tool pouch(es), or your own tool pouch(es).

It’s 100% ventilated and DOES NOT ABSORB SWEAT OR DIRT, and is easy to clean! Throw your belt and suspenders away, and attach your tool pouch(es) to our UTV and feel the freedom!

I take pride in my work and strive on being productive. And, now I am happy to work more comfortably in my workwear.


1110 Leeds Pkwy
Suite 101
Plain, WI 53577